Department of Social & Dalit Concern

Department of Social & Dalit Concern

Director: Rev. W. Baninga Washburn


Department of Social & Dalit Concerns

Brief report of the activities of the Department


We have great pleasure in submitting a brief report of the activities of the Department of Social & Dalit Concerns.

  1. Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees Programme, Mandapam Camp

CSI – SEVA & EMS have supported the Sri Lankan Refugees Programme in Mandapam Camp Project up to 31st March 2017.  We have achieved our aims and objectives of the project for the last six years.   We have given sufficient skill trainings to the women and youth girls in Tailoring, Computer and micro entrepreneurial trainings.  Most of the tailoring trainees have received free sewing machines from the government and they are earning some quantum of money.  Some of the Computer trainees are working in Ramnad shops in billing counter.

  1. Peace Centre, Mandapasalai:-

          CSI – SEVA, Henry Martin Institute, Hyderabad & India Peace Centre, Nagpur have jointly assisted the project activities in Peace Centre, Mandapasalai.  Initially we have planned to implement the project in one of the objectives to create good atmosphere so that all the community people will come together and learn the Computer & tailoring training programme.  The first batch of the tailoring and Computer training was completed in the month of March 2017.   In this training period 24 women have undergone training in Tailoring and 13 youths have undergone training in Computer courses. The next batch of the training was started from 1st April 2017.

  1. Local Capacity Building Training:-

We have conducted the Local Capacity Building Training to the Peace Volunteers in Aruppukottai and Mandapasalai. In future we have planned to do some integrated development activities and also to utilize the agriculture land as model farm.

  1. Quilt Distribution:-

CASA has allotted 323 imported Quilts to our Diocese for distributing the same to the needy people.  Our Revered Bishop and the Diocesan Officers have distributed the Quilts in the presence of Madurai North Taluk Thasildhar to the DEEP Home Children, Differently Abled Children and Geriatric persons in Christian Mission Hospital

We thanked to the CASA Officers, Chennai Office for considering our request and allotting the Quilts to our Diocese for rendering our services to the poor needy people.

  1. Fire Victims:-

In Naripaiyur village of Naripaiyur - Kannirajapuram Pastorate four of the congregation members were affected by the fire.  Due to the short circuit of the electrical lines in a house the fire spread out to the adjacent houses. The affected families lost their entire belongings. Immediately the local Pastor approached our Revered Bishop seeking the relief measures.  The Department of Social & Dalit Concerns Director and the Projects Co-ordinator rushed to the spot and distributed the kitchen utensils, rice, oil and groceries to the affected families under the   guidance of our Bishop and the Diocesan Officers.

  1. Black Day Observation:-

On 10th August 2017 we had net work with Theni Area R.C.  Churches and participated the hunger fast in Periakulam being observed as Black Day for demanding Scheduled Caste status for the Christian of Dalit Origin.  Our Diocesan West Local Council Pastors and the Director of the Department of Social & Dalit Concerns attended the meeting and raised their voices for demanding the status.

  1. Minority People Meeting at Madurai:-

On 16th August 2017 Madurai City Minority People meeting was held at Goripalayam, Madurai demanding various welfare measures from the Central & State Governments.  Our Diocesan Deputy Chairman and the Director of Social & Dalit Concerns attended the meeting and shared their views.

  1. Minority Commission Meeting at Virudhunagar:-

       Our Diocesan Director of Social & Dalit Concerns, Director of Resource Development, Local Council Chairman and few Pastors from Virudhunagar  attended a Minority Commission Director meeting at Virdhunagar Collector Office. They have explained about the various schemes for Minority People and our Directors shared their views.  Based on that, we have planned to renovate the Thiruvadanai Church initially. In future we will undertake some school projects under this scheme.

  1. Transgender Programme:-

        We have conducted an awareness program among the college students about the Transgender.   We have organized on the theme lecture about Gender Sensitization & Social Inclusion of Transgender in Holistic Community for CSI College of Nursing Students at Pasumalai  On 4th November 2017. Then we have conducted a seminar on Gender Identity & Socialization Process at CSI College of Education, Ramnad on 18th November 2017 for B.Ed. college students in and around Ramnad.

Ms. Priya Babu, Managing Trustee, Transgender Resource Centre, Madurai and her team was invited as Resource Persons of these two programs.

  1. Net Working:-

We have net work with Community Development program through Polytechnic in Keelakarai and Rameswaram to conduct the skill training program for women in Tailoring, beautician’s courses and other short term courses in Keelakarai and Rameswaram.   The various religious and community people are taking the skill training programme  successfully.

  1. New Projects:-

As per our beloved Bishop’s valuable suggestion and guidance we have submitted the new project proposals to the donor agencies.

  1. Comprehensive Community Development Program in Thiruvadanai.
  2. Transgender programme through CSI SEVA & UELCI
  • Quilt Distribution programme through CASA
  1. Observation of the International Day of Persons with Disability  on 3rd December 2017


We extend our heartfelt thanks to our beloved Bishop, Diocesan Treasurer and the Officers of the Diocese for their valuable suggestions and guidance to implement the above projects successfully with the assistance of the program staff. We also extend our thanks to all our partner agencies and the concerned authorities for their kind co-operation and co-ordination with us and their fruitful discussion during their visit in our project areas successfully.


Rev. Banninga Washburn                                            Mr. Augustine Ponraj

 Director,                                                                        Projects Co-ordinator

Department of Social & Dalit Concerns
















Director: Rev. W. Baninga Washburn DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL & DALIT CONCERN